Starting a Website: A Guide for Serious Beginners at 2019

Starting a Website: A Guide for Serious Beginners at 2019 thumbnail

Last Updated January 1st, 2019 — Thinking about starting a new blog? That is a comprehensive guide developed for those novices ready to work hard to ensure it is successful\.

First published four decades ago, this post has since helped tens of thousands of bloggers in their own travel\. It is now updated with the most recent trends, strategies and ideas\.

I learned about blogging back in college once I was fortunate enough to sell a couple for 5-figures. Ever since that time I have been fortunate to work complete time from my couch\! I honestly don’t state this to brag, but merely to explain to you how powerful blogs can function for altering your profession or revitalizing your company\.

Today we are going to take a look at the quickest setup and hosting, then move on to a really detailed strategies and tips for ways to ensure that your blog succeeds this year.

Let’s jump !

Starting a blog? Here is a quick-start guide.

Here is the ideal means to do it without mucking 19, if you want to start a blog\. Watch this movie to get a certain explanation.

Here’s a summary of the procedure if you’re short on time:

  1. Set some long and short term blogging goals.
  2. Buy a domain name and site server out of Bluehost (discounts included).
  3. Install WordPress as your own powerful and free blogging platform.
  4. Add an opt-in type to start collecting email subscribers.
  5. Begin producing strategic content that aids people.

Alright, now let’s do a fast overview of how to get set up. Starting your very own WordPress blog just takes around five minutes.

Disclosure and fast heads up I started my very first blog on Bluehost and have now partnered together to secure you a large discount fee. If you make a purchase via any of the hyperlinks on this post I’ll earn a small commission at no excess cost to you. I just market items I use and enjoy myself and am always transparent about it!

First, click the Bluehost link below to get the Blog Tyrant discount. If it’s possible to observe the 2.75 pricing you’re getting the exceptional rate. Click on the button, next:

start a blog step one

Simply enter the domain you’d like to use. Do not fret too much, it is possible to add more domains later so it doesn’t have to be perfect at the moment.

start a blog step two

Fill out the details and payment details\. I recommend obtaining the Whois protection as it quits your personal information from being openly offered.

starting a blog step three

Find the WordPress button at your cPanel and follow the prompts. All you have to do is choose a unique and robust username and password along with the applications of Bluehost is going to do the rest.

start a blog install wordpress

That is a very quick overview about how to start a blog on your own server\! Congratulations.

Now let’s go ahead and get in the stuff that’s going to truly help you with your brand new blog and making it successful and fulfilling this year!

Want to begin a site in 2019? Here’s 19 hints and strategies for serious beginners\.

Time to get into the serious stuff.

Here are a few of the most crucial things you’ll want to listen if you would like to create this blogging thing to do for you in 2019\.

So make sure you spend a little bit of time Additionally, there are some great tips in the comments in the end.

1. A self-hosted WordPress blog is still my favorite serious platform

Despite having a good deal of cool things going on, I am nevertheless of the firm impression that site hosts such as Tumblr, Squarespace and even don’t provide you with the management, ownership and customization choices that you might need.

Start with getting your own blog installing and hosting as your own blogging platform as mentioned above. But, just in case, here’s a Fast overview of several of the very popular places to start a blog right

A comparison chart of how to start a blog with the top platforms

I recommend Bluehost for all new bloggers (get a Blog Tyrant particular discount fee of $2.75 per month). It is where I \got started as a blogger and now can be the host for millions of bloggers around the world.

It’s possible to have a look at this in depth WordPress installation tutorial at which we go through the setup process — step by step if you’d like more information than previously. It should take around five minutes to get set up!

As I’ve mentioned before, the one prediction I have for people having a free website host is that one day you will want to migrate it to your own host. And that may be a procedure that is really annoying. It’s far better to put yourself up the right way from the start\.

2. Prioritize visual information (videos, graphics, photos, etc.) If You Would like to Acquire shares

Learning the way to get pictures for your site is a crucial skill to have\. A much superior ability is to understand how to take yourself to \.

Visual content has been growing for years and it seems to be speeding up, not slowing down. We \have retina screen pills and our smartphones are becoming bigger. Social networking sites such as Facebook are favoring videos and images over text — never mind websites like Pinterest that are completely based around photos! It is time to begin if you’re not working with visual content yet\.

tag a mate promotional style
(Just check out how many stocks and opinions these types of articles get on Facebook.)

In addition, it is crucial to keep in mind that YouTube is a search engine like Google and we shouldn’t dismiss it. If you make some easy video content to enhance your blog articles you’ll find that you bring a whole great deal more perspectives and, broadly speaking, the stuff you create will appeal to a broader audience.

3. Growing a mailing list will protect your site for the long term

Email is the most important form of Internet communication which people today use to your work. And when someone subscribes to a site they’re giving you a direct line to their life.

If you would like to make sure your site lasts for the long run you want to start a mailing list and work hard to secure more email readers and maintain that speed growing.

There’s no need to complicate the procedure. Develop a valuable free giveaway people get when they subscribe to a blog, and then add a easy lead magnet like the one we use here at Blog Tyrant. It converts well.

how to start a blog free download

Growing a significant mailing list will allow you to build visitors to brand new blog posts in addition to promote any affiliates or products that you believe will be helpful for your readers. It is a powerful approach.

Nevertheless, the main reason which you would like to develop an email list is as you can’t trust Google for traffic. And \networking websites which constantly change their policies can’t be trusted by you. It’s only the mailing list that provides you a constant source of traffic, if something go wrong.

4. Learn how to analyze your competitors to find big opportunities

When you first think about starting a website it’s also vital to think about the other sites that currently exist in that space. Are you going to have the ability to compete in any way together\?

Using a tool like AHREFs or SEMrush (aff) can assist you to analyze not only your own blog’s links and key words, but those of your coworkers and competition.

analyse your blog competition when starting
(A screenshot of the steady development of’s back links over the years.)

A fast look around and you will be able to find out what keywords people are targeting, and how many back links that they have for their most important posts and at which those back links are coming from.

This is invaluable information as it helps you choose whether or not you are able to compete in \markets and keywords. If someone has links coming from Harvard, then Wikipedia and NASA then it is unlikely you are going to have the ability to outrank them in a hurry.

On the positive side, a fast search might show you where your competition is getting its links out of which could mean that you can replicate them yourself or produce your own comparable promotional approaches. Clever!

5. Writing long articles of at least 1,900 words functions best

Term content was working for several a long time\. One of the very first posts I wrote on this website was several thousand words about how to market a website that, because of it’s length instead of some particular caliber, went viral and also helped to kick start this site.

I feel extremely blessed to get that focus, but kind of know that if I’d just written a small 500-word upgrade on the subject nothing would have occurred. The whole thing would have fizzled out. That is what happens to a lot of bloggers.

Neil Patel has talked about how long content works for him and even Google has established a comprehensive content section on their search results.

Forget about brief little upgrades and begin working on longer content which simplifies issues and provides so much value that individuals can not help but discuss it with their friends. Here’s a guide I created that may let you begin\.

6. Spending a bit of money on advertisements will skyrocket your success

For some reason, bloggers hate the notion of spending money on advertisements. But if you look at the most recent structure of Google, as an instance, you will see how much it is weighted towards advertisements. Before I scroll, on my laptop the display is taken up by them.

start a blog search on google

Spending just a little bit of money promoting your work can make a huge difference. Following Is a promo I’ve been running on Twitter

start a blog twitter example

The great thing about advertising on social networks such as Facebook is it’s low price and there is a possibility that people will discuss it of their own free will, once they have seen your advert.

Set aside $20 per week for a test and try to learn as much as you can about what gets shared, whatever your audience likes, in which they are situated, etc.. This information can be super valuable for helping you decide what to write about second that, in turn, leads to more shares over time.

7. Making friends on your niche is essential Once you start

If you’re likely to begin a new blog in 2019 it is a fantastic idea to begin making relationships with the big blogs and bloggers in your niche after possible.

I’m not talking about spamming them together with guest post requests I’m speaking about creating.

I can honestly say that without the preparation and support of those bloggers in my niche, I would not have managed to strike any milestones along the way. It has \been thanks to influence and their kindness.

Start with finding the players on Twitter and sharing their stuff. Mention it on your site and let them know about it. It’s a wonderful introduction.

8. A deliberate blogging plan Is Vital

Blogging has become more scientific and more. Big businesses have realized the value of blogs and other social media sites and have been investing cash to make sure they’re get a fantastic return on their invest.

Among the greatest methods to compete with this is to get a solid blogging approach that makes it possible to write hyper-useful blog articles that genuinely help people in your specialty.

Remember, a great deal of individuals give up on new blogs before they give it a opportunity to flourish — a very long term set of targets matched to some strategy can allow you to avoid that.

9. Put cellular devices first when launching a new blog

Mobiles and tablet computers are a source of internet traffic around the world.

If your theme does not respond well to the smaller mobile screens (use this to check ) there is a fantastic chance you’ll be losing valuable visitors as people click away to find something easier to browse.

mobile responsive blog

In order to offer a better experience for their 21, google has even started removing sites from mobile searches. Make sure that you are thinking about your cell users at each turn.

10. Outsourcing can make your site better in significantly less time

Ever since I listened to Chris Ducker on Skype last year I’ve been more and more looking to outsourcing as a way to get things completed. There are a number of reasons as to why this is going to be even more important in 2019.

When you hire a freelancer then you produce more content that frees up time to allow you to concentrate on the tasks that actually increase your blog.

Second, it gives job to somebody who really needs it and, hopefully, is a lot better at that task than you are.

11. Be careful about how blogging impacts your health

The science is in.

Sitting still for long periods of time is a whole lot worse for the health than thought. In actuality, researchers are currently showing that sitting can result in premature death as well as a whole slew of bad ailments.

The terrible thing is that going for a jog to the gym at the day’s close doesn’t reverse the harm. This implies we will need to start moving regularly, working while standing up and taking regular short breaks to stretch the muscles and get the blood flowing.

Attempt to schedule these in and use a timer that goes off every 30 minutes to remind you to maneuver about and allow your mind, brain and muscles have a rest for blogging.

12. Create your new blog’s security a priority

Internet security is a significant issue. Small companies companies and businesses over the globe all are falling prey to intruders in a heightened basis.

So what can you do?

  • Enable SSL on your domain
    It is important to have a safe HTTPS domain name for your blog. We have a tutorial here on how it is possible to get it setup without too much trouble.
  • Keep copies
    Try to keep copies of your websites, blogs and important documents both on and offline. There are plugins to help you do so\.
  • Utilize a fantastic safety plugin
    I am no expert on this but there are numerous security plugins and services across like WPCerber along with Bulletproof Security. These may assist lock-down your own blog\.
  • Follow basic security processes
    Fundamental security procedures like avoiding public WiFi, not minding anonymous hyperlinks in mails, using distinct and intricate passwords, keeping software and plugins up to date, etc. a very long way.
  • Research regularly
    Here is an old post I wrote on the subject. Try to stay current with all the trends as they change.

There’s not any need but it is important to take step to make certain that you are protected from some other bad things in 2019.

13. Finding a way to stand out from the crowd is really important

As more and more people start blogs we must focus to create ours stand out in order to make some point of difference which our readers can come to appreciate.

It is not really vital to be the first in your specialty, but you really do need to do in order for your blog becomes remembered something that is distinctive and memorable.

how to start a blog that stands out

This might be as straightforward as putting your own personal story into your articles, also it may be the evolution of a \consistent and concentrated brand that is targeted at a targeted part of your niche\. Take a glance a fitness site that’s just for geeks since the example was created by Nerd Fitness.

When you first thing about how to start a website, simply spend some time studying the competition\ and see what they are doing and how you could be able to fix issues\.

14. Diversification of income is significant in the Long-term

This is another one of these tips that have been in existence for a while but become more and more relevant. You should expect your revenue streams to alter, Should you begin a site in 2019. For those who aren’t prepared, that may be a scary thing.

For instance, your site gets pinged in certain update along with if you rely on Google AdWords from organic search visitors you may wind up with zero income for a while. The same goes with an affiliate product that you might be boosting with traffic vs. That may dry up in a minute.

Try to consider diversifying your income streams you aren’t up the creek should you dry up. The best bet is a \strong mailing list that you may use to start your very own products and affiliate promotions.

15. Buying blogs is always a choice Rather than starting one

Flippa is killing it. But this year I believe they will kill it more (not sure exactly what that means) since a growing number of people will be buying sites to skip the first phases of a blog’s life.

You see, you have to do lots of preparation that takes time when you initially begin a site\. Research, column posts, media, logo development, social networking accounts setup, etc.. It’s a rather time consuming process.

What I’ve discovered is that a good deal of individuals are skipping all this and buying blogs which are fairly well established. I found that a blog market for $120,000 the other day.

This is not a bad strategy if you would like to get straight in to things and you’ve got a few thousand to spare. There is, however, a LOT don’t rush to it. If you’d like to find out more about this idea please make a comment and I will think about doing an article on it.

16. You’ll need to start planning for next year

I tried to highlight the notion that you will need to have long term projects and short term on the move.

It’s a terrible feeling understanding that you’ve spent a lot time working with a long term job you have and being a self explanatory.

Likewise it’s an even worse feeling realizing that you invested time on paying for the invoices that you’ve forgotten to establish those long term jobs which are the source of passion/interest working.

So one thing that I wished to inform you about blogging this year\ is you really need to begin considering blogging in the following calendar year. That means researching planning and creating ideas instead of later.

Continue working on the short term stuff but ensure your long-term stuff still happens\.

17. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will need attention

If you want to have a whole lot of visitors from Google you’ll have to remain on top of the SEO tendencies that happen every year\.

Is that blogging SEO is changing, but only in some ways. It is almost like a vehicle in annually, \small features, colours and the layout change but the center remains the same. In this case the heart is links and the attributes are things such as lace, authorship, mobile-friendliness and so forth.

The finest websites that are ranking continue to be those with links that are back. I was planning to write”that the BEST back links” but decided against it since there are a whole lot of sites in my niche that rank with a huge volume of crappy back links, which is miserable.

screen shot of blogging backlinks
A screenshot of a blog that got 70,000 back hyperlinks in just two months. Legit?

The key here is to know your niche. In case you have a niche where results dominate the positions you need to start working on getting new content, etc\.

The major point to consider , however, is that we will see more competition for natural hyperlinks because an increasing number of people are moving away from the older”link building” techniques of the past in favour of a”quality content” strategy into SEO that sites like MOZ. Let’s to follow.

The best method to”perform” SEO is to make great stuff, encourage it, and let the links and stocks come naturally with no form of manipulation.

18. Tumblr and Medium could teach us things

In the very top of the article on the things you will need to know to begin a blog I mentioned that I think a WordPress blog is the best option for professional bloggers. Well, that does not mean that we ought to totally ignore the different programs.

I am not stating that you need to go out and register for every thing but I am saying that we ought to learn a few things from Moderate and Tumblr that are advanced, sexy and coming up with some wins.

Just take the Tumblr”Follow” button that slides from the perfect hand corner as you scroll down the page. This feature is very hard to ignore and has played a major part in Tumblr being “viral” among users of that platform. It has been copied by a lot of non-Tumblr bloggers who have found it converts nicely\.

Among the main lessons I feel we are being taught by these platforms is that people want simplicity. Simplicity of simplicity and design, and design of both subscription and updates\.

I will be keeping a watch on these types of sites in 2019 to see what they would like to get larger. I could even muck around to see if any attributes can be adopted by me over here.

19. Do not attempt to be ideal when you start a site

I have a tendency to want things to be ideal — launch dates, syncing of endeavors, image design, article architecture, etc. — and that has led to a lot of missing chances for me.

I’m mucking around behind the scenes about topics that I care about. My headline Will be something like that:

Do not spend 95 percent of the time tweaking the previous 5% of your endeavors. — Click on Tweet this.

I’m convinced a whole lot of people will argue that it is that not so sure anymore. Be ready to find a lot more things from me and expect it to be.

What do you will need to know to begin a website?

I would like to understand what you guys think about starting (or operating!) A blog this year. Do you think there’ll be any changes? Can you disagree to any of the points I’ve made previously?

Please make a comment below as I would love to hear what beautiful thoughts you have!

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