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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress community podcast from WMR. Right here host David Vogelpohl sits down with company from around the community to talk about the largest concerns facing WordPress developers. The following is a transcription of the customary recording.

David Vogelpohl: Hiya every person and welcome to Press This the WordPress community podcasts on WMR. Right here’s your host, David Vogelpohl, I improve the WordPress community by my role at WP Engine, and I love to bring the ideal of the community to you hear per week on press this as a reminder, yow will detect me on Twitter @wpdavidv, otherwise it’s possible you’ll perhaps perhaps most definitely also subscribe to press this on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, or download basically the most modern episodes at n this episode I’m very furious to welcome to the impress, somebody’s gonna be talking about turning protest into communities online communities in particular, and to affix us in that conversation some other time, indubitably furious to to bring Bob WP Bob Dunn, Bob Welcome to press this.

Bob Dunn: Thank you David. Right here’s immense to be, I feel back here in actual fact and um yeah, indubitably love the invite and having a matter ahead to it.

DV: I’m going to have to war by the archives in actual fact to search if that’s accurate when you happen to’ve been here earlier than I know we’ve had the exchange to pronounce at many discover camps, after which for certain as regards to as effectively. So when you happen to’ve been here, I’m cheerful to contain you back, Bob, if no longer, I’m cheerful you’re here for the first time. For these listening unparalleled with Bob. Bob runs, in actual fact a space a community known as make the whoo and what he’s going to fragment about this day is his trip, taking his huge array of protest and ongoing protest he creates around WooCommerce, and the utilization of that within the context of growing a digital community and in his case for WooCommerce developers but perhaps it’s possible you’ll perhaps perhaps most definitely learn some lessons from what he did to follow that to your hold protest, I feel for me, we regularly develop protest is love this roughly love nearly love Linkbait social Bay, and don’t ticket that a community roughly develops around it frequently or would possibly perhaps perhaps, and I feel Bob’s a immense person to roughly hear to and listen to his trip and doing that. So Bob, I requested this demand all my company moreover requested to search around for. And I don’t know if I indubitably know the answer very involving. Snappy command me your WordPress version narrative.

BD: Effectively, let’s gaze I’ll develop this transient. Earlier than WordPress. My wife and I ran a advertising company for 17 years, so I became, I exchange a graphic designer for these 17 years and in actual fact freelance, even earlier than that so this goes back into the print days. I made that migration into online within the future I don’t know precisely when that would possibly perhaps perhaps also wish been unhurried 90s And I indubitably didn’t love relationship websites, it became love an HTML I can’t even take note the system I became the utilization of. Lickety-split ahead to 2007. I grew to alter into fascinated and working a blog my wife had been working a blog on TypePad I hadn’t dove into it but and on the identical time I became aloof having a matter for that resolution to get websites for purchasers and I landed on WordPress I indubitably don’t know the intention I landed on it, and I believed wow here is indubitably a immense resolution for both things I are you able to realize transfer my wife off TypePad set aside her on WordPress. I can moreover make client size you realize these brochure form websites and we’re true common, but I would possibly perhaps perhaps make them and it’d be loads less complicated and they in point of fact look for a heck seriously better than what I’ve been doing. So I staunch, yeah I dove into it for about three years we aloof had our exchange I became the utilization of WordPress after which in 2010 I branded Bob WP and entirely roughly shifted the entirety’s aloof staying in get but more within the studying and protest enviornment. And since then, you realize, the leisure is history.

DV: Oh wow, so 2007 this might perhaps were correct, listening to correct after plugins and themes being launched into WordPress does that sound about correct to you, Bob.

BD: Upright in my very first theme I can aloof bring it to mind. My first for my space became from my themes, and it yeah it became I became so contented I believed this aspect in actual fact appears to be like love a exchange space now, because I had all this unparalleled flash stuff going on earlier than on my historic space and it became. It became horrifying. To position it merely.

DV: Yeah, completely. And this might perhaps were, I dispute this might perhaps were correct around the widgetized homepage time as effectively. It’s a indubitably arresting time to be coming into WordPress I didn’t ticket your background went back that a ways by diagram of your advertising company where are you a madman Bob.

BD: I don’t know what I mean. I indubitably I feel my first freelancing job became within the unhurried 80s and that became when I purchased into roughly bought into get that became in actual fact known as desktop publishing, Resulting from it became all done on the computer so so yeah I indubitably contain a unparalleled and windy history within the diagram.

DV: Oh it’s immense to contain that standpoint I feel, you realize, as you initiate pondering about mashing up these mediums of affection protest and community. Resulting from clearly, going, having that roughly background and staring on the obtain of balls, roughly had to evolve and scrutinize technologies can evolve and near collectively over time. It’s a indubitably arresting fraction of your standpoint. So command me a limited bit of bit about your exchange though earlier than making make the whoo community love how did you characteristic your protest exchange,

BD: yeah it became it pivoted, loads, it became repeatedly in accordance with Bob WP. COMM And within the rapidly after I moved within the WordPress diagram, I realized I indubitably favored teaching and training so I started doing workshops, and I started staunch writing an increasing selection of protest and the protest became usually tutorials, form protest for beginners. And by that decade, I staunch morphed a limited bit I within the close bought out of get fully I didn’t have to make any longer purchasers companies and products I centered on protest. I picked up on WooCommerce when it came out in 2011 I give it some thought became, and played or in that around with that and about in actual fact aged ever since then. And yeah, it became staunch, you realize I repeatedly centered on protest indubitably my two drivers to this closing decade were potentially protest in some medium and teaching customers

DV: so leading up to this over that 10 years, and also you’re growing all forms of protest roughly standard teaching and tutorials, earlier than you made the option though to make the pivot around make the wooed in direction of a Neighborhood Level of interest. What became love the main, you realize, exchange model for your protest, love, staunch earlier than the swap I can get this 10 365 days span, what became it, what became that mode love correct earlier than you made the strategy to develop the jump to a community point of interest.

BD: So when I started, I did my very first podcast in 2014 in 2016, I started, make the whoo and that truly became WP commerce impress on the on the get roam of that I monetized, I purchased subsidized which became a project but I moreover had plenty of belief late plenty of oldsters I knew within the diagram, so they were in a website to, you realize step up and in actual fact improve me. So I did that podcast after which on the identical time it became usually protest introduction so I make you realize I did my hold protest, blog, blog posts, I’ve moved more in direction of WooCommerce the closing 4 years or so a limited bit of more carefully on that facet of things, and the mod the exchange model became usually subsidized posts sponsorships for the podcasts and affiliate advertising.

DV: Okay, in remark that is incandescent so that you roughly, you realize, producing this protest effectively the utilization of promoting to monetize it. And also you realize I feel for folk growing protest websites, there’s repeatedly this ask around love, effectively, what’s our monetization course going to be. And so that you’re roughly within the zone, no we’re we’re you’re counting on advertisers in particular, it sounds love, other folks who love eradicate promoting without delay from you is a heavy fraction of that after which roughly sprinkling it in with affiliate advertising. So as you thought to be affection morphing into a community, what were love the exchange, the things that drew you to that from love instruct a exchange standpoint love reliability and earnings or differ in earnings or love assorted causes love, what became the scheme,

BD: you realize, oddly sufficient it became very uncommon because on the starting of 2010, or no 2010 2020 I had entirely rebranded Bob WP as Bob to BP make the blue I kept it on Bob to BP, aloof but I certain at that command entirely point of interest on WooCommerce protest because I learned by affiliate advertising and things love that the folk who ran online store spent more money than other folks who staunch ran common WordPress websites and in remark that model became within the works. About halfway by closing 365 days and it had nothing to make with a lethal disease because things are exquisite unparalleled going standard in my exchange. In actual fact, you realize, it became picking up on narrative of the reputation of E commerce and all individuals looking to get on line. I had this epiphany, it became love and here is no longer indubitably a exchange aspect here is love, I’ve written tutorials for 10 years. And if I indubitably have to write down but some other ad staunch you realize somebody, somebody hit me within the pinnacle, I staunch, I purchased I staunch became love, Oh, I staunch can’t write but some other pose tutorial

DV: Oh, Bob, I abominate to decrease you out hiya that is this form of extremely efficient thought, and I feel I contain to unpack that assertion a limited bit of bit because I feel this indubitably gets to the root of plenty of protest suggestions which is that this thought of, love, infinite work, but we’re going to eradicate a transient smash and we’ll be correct back.

DV: Everybody welcome back to Press This WordPress community podcast on WMR. We’re within the heart of our interview turning protest into community attorney protest into communities with Bob WP, Bob, correct earlier than the smash, you were talking a limited bit of bit about the exchange choices are roughly drawing you into, you realize picking a Neighborhood Level of interest review the Whoo. You were talking a limited bit of bit about how you were roughly at your wit’s close growing new tutorial protest and we had to fall the smash to wait on bring us back in there so it’s helped me understand the next fraction of that trip.

BD: What came about then is I believed okay what am I going to make and I’ve been doing the podcast and I realized I indubitably loved this podcast and I love the intention. We’re in actual fact the structure of that because it became indubitably all about bringing other folks in elevating other folks within the diagram. And the thought to be how can I get on that and I’m if David you’ve seen me pivot, one million cases potentially over the closing 10 years, and it’s no longer a project for me it’s love I am going headfirst into it and also you realize I’ve had plenty of disasters too. Due to this, but I’ve had successes. I said, I’ve bought it, I’ve bought to make something, and I contain to get back into community because that became what became utilizing me became getting assorted other folks within the forefront and sharing their tales and all these items so I started having a matter at the entirety within the booth diagram because I knew I’d already done that transition within the booth diagram, and I wanted to get faraway from the beginners and retailers and I saw that builder community and I staunch, it became love, Okay, there’s, there’s a necessity there there’s some fragmentation. How can I pull this collectively and make several discussions and also you realize staunch pondering it by, it became love, I believed I’m gonna make this, here is correct excites me some other time, and I can gaze how protest is protest irrespective of what medium. How make I twist that protest and mold it a limited bit to indubitably shape it into the community. And so I staunch started heading in headfirst into that it became love, There’s no stopping me. I’m gonna make this.

DV: So when you happen to were to imagine discover it irresistible within the future of this section, you, you gaze the exchange correct you roughly enviornment of interest your self and in a intention by focusing on Whoo, you on narrative of the financial exchange there, you had some notoriety from that already. And also you thought, effectively, you realize, Maybe there’s a probability to originate roughly a new community when you happen to will or roughly a uniquely centered one in it, inside of with where love your protest and a community would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps coexist. You comprehend it’s indubitably arresting because love my subsequent ask is love Enact you’ve any inspiration from others as you did this because you did you watched love geez, these of us indubitably did this and also you invoked IBM’s earlier which jogged my memory of Corey Miller to eradicate over put up website, which I feel roughly doesn’t make a legit job of affection integrating community and protest though perhaps they’re an even bigger a limited bit of better on the community facet and the protest facet I love the protest, but love, I indubitably feel love the community facet is more their point of interest but love, where did you get your inspiration from or did you from wherever else, you realize, it,

BD: it became okay I had some, I feel, I feel over time, I can potentially name dozens of oldsters staunch you realize Korea isn’t ideal example, that repeatedly flooded within the back of my head, you realize, especially other folks enthusiastic with community and I felt love okay I’ve been enthusiastic on community exquisite carefully for 10 years, but no longer indubitably in a exchange sense, I dispute in a exchange sense, roughly as a facet facet arm to it but it wasn’t, you realize, I wasn’t I didn’t putrid my whole exchange around that, In a intention I did. So, I did contain conversations with WooCommerce and other folks WooCommerce staunch because I wanted to know where, where, where are stuff you realize missing where, where make you’ve to obtain up this slouch here or, or what, what community is no longer being perhaps reached to the plump, plump max. And then I started having conversations, what indubitably helped me became having conversations I staunch started pulling other folks collectively and I feel I’d need had a conversation with you David, I staunch shared my thought and heard what other folks thought about it, and it builds on that and these type of oldsters were other folks I’ve identified for a protracted time so in actual fact that relationship I constructed over 10 years. They gave me bits and items of inspiration to contact them some other time and contain a discussion with them, and staunch get some indubitably ideally unparalleled solutions from them.

DV: I make understand that conversation Bob in actual fact now that you talked about it, but it sounds love you did some discovery work there, to get an thought of how you realize other folks’s tips in overall would possibly perhaps perhaps also very effectively be how they’ll react to it I’m certain you most definitely check with other folks who were linked from a exchange sense in some diagram. So, did you gain love by the protest you’d put up this day that you had already started a community in some diagram or became it where love I would possibly perhaps perhaps turn this protest play into a community play, or did you in actual fact feel love you had already roughly in a intention established a community as fraction of what you’re already doing.

BD: It became arresting because I felt love somebody would possibly perhaps perhaps take note about a my discussion, somebody said you realize all individuals on this community, Bob, you’ve a splash point but all individuals. And also you realize I’m no longer a developer by exchange, but no one is indubitably bowled over by what I make, I mean irrespective of angle I eradicate, it’s repeatedly Yeah, Bob’s been around, he’s roughly this mainstay. What I feel that. Now, I’m going to pause here because I entirely misplaced what you had requested me what became

DV: ask, I’m sorry. Did you already get a community around your protest, when you happen to determined that you constructed up a limited bit of bit of a community around your protest earlier than you made the strategy to love roam all in on the community facet.

BD: Yeah, so one of the challenges became that this community that I constructed for 10 years became a combination of the entirety on this planet, and there became plenty of beginners plenty of retailers, plenty of customers, after which there were builders or developers or brokers ever, you realize, as a combination so I believed, okay, there is a sector of my community that I can pull over there, though, you realize, something love that is repeatedly no longer easy. So there became that putrid but when you happen to look for on the broader image I did contain a bigger community of staunch other folks I’ve gotten to know over time and linked with that I would possibly perhaps perhaps with out problems reach out to and get them linked with somebody else, or, you realize, develop some roughly relationship happen. So that became something that I became crucial, I’d contain never even pursued this thought if I hadn’t constructed up some roughly community already.

DV: Yeah, you realize, and it’s silly now that you talked about it, it’s love if I’m at a discover camp I would possibly perhaps perhaps potentially look for at somebody or meet somebody and be love, they potentially know Bob, correct, and love, but what I mean by that is love, they’re potentially within the womb, correct, they’re potentially a definite roughly space, or short creator perhaps. And I dispute my point of bringing that up is it sounds love as you’re attempting to love work out what what what fraction of the community make I point of interest on and I feel as others listening which will most definitely be pondering the identical roughly diagram, but their protest is love, effectively where make I slot in correct and it sounds love you were love okay, WordPress after which WooCommerce and also you’re roughly cutting back it down and also it’s possible you’ll perhaps perhaps most definitely contain got to decrease. And it sounds love for you to contain the community became roughly there and perhaps you threaded by a theme of it as you thought to be, make the work. Is that correct,

BD: yeah precisely and it became it because I knew there’s plenty of oldsters who didn’t as regards to necessarily, or I ought to narrate, didn’t necessarily as regards to my space mob WP because yeah, they, you realize, perhaps they’d roam there every person swell for educational, but they moreover knew me from staunch past experiences, assorted things I’ve done, and I became in a website to roughly thread them back into okay now I’m doing this community you speed an company, here is something you’re potentially more drawn to, make you.

DV: Did you get any inspiration from things love blog comments or social shares where other folks were participating with your protest and it felt discover it irresistible became love the identical forged of characters the identical type of characters in every case or any type of tag love that that hiya look for this protest has a thread in it.

BD: In actuality it became to happen the total time, I mean it’s, it’s fabulous how unparalleled time I spent within the closing nearly, I’d instruct six months ahead of in actual fact starting this, I became having a matter even deeper I mean, it’s no longer that that stuff became already there and I’d already adjusted about a of it, but I became having a matter at a more in-depth I became having a matter at conversations on social and in Slack and and by any protest I originate and talking with other folks on the podcast and all of it staunch the entirety became roughly leading this form and I believed okay, something’s pointing this form. And yeah, it staunch roughly fell into diagram.

DV: That’s inconceivable. Yeah, I feel for me the aspect became uninteresting facets of our protest within the past is love staunch staring on the comments fraction within the social shares and love noticing these patterns of customers and kinds of questions and behaviors and pondering love geez, there’s a theme in there and wouldn’t it’s immense to get these of us collectively I know, frequently will despicable put up comments and social shares how you ought to envision this out you ought to envision that out. And it’s love, but it’s these assorted groups these first other folks in, you realize frequently it’s a ways incandescent to bring them in and frequently it’s a ways incandescent to transfer where they’re at, but it’s indubitably arresting to listen to about your trip there. I contain to dig into a limited bit of bit more on the implementation facet, and staunch your diagram total with that, we’re gonna eradicate a transient smash. We’ll be correct back.

DV: Hiya every person welcome back to press this WordPress community podcast on WMR. Right here’s your host David Vogelpohl, I’m interviewing Bob Dunn or Bob WP of make the Woo, Bob, correct earlier than the smash, you were talking a limited bit of bit about roughly discovering your roughly community inside of your protest when you happen to will. But I contain to pronounce a limited bit of bit more suggestions here, the protest that you’re growing this day is that the identical because the utilization of roughly the identical pattern. Below the community umbrella as when you happen to first started with your community point of interest or did you’ve to evolve your protest diagram over time.

BD: You comprehend it’s been a both a limited bit of both usually because when I started it, I had all these items laid out and I attempted plenty of things and they worked and plenty of things didn’t stick the least bit. So there’s been the podcast has indubitably been roughly the glue that holds it collectively, and has hasn’t changed, Though it’s grown in ways so I’m doing you realize more episodes, but plenty of it has been community pushed and I know that’s a overused discover, but the entirety I did and I’d check with somebody and be in some conversation I became on conversation clubhouse, one time and something inspired me and I believed, effectively this will most definitely be arresting to pursue so I’m going to initiate having a matter at this fraction. So, there’s a thought and the thought indubitably roughly falls back to a true broader spectrum of. Okay, first aspect I contain to be definite I can connect other folks and I can employ them informed and educate them by assorted other folks it’s no longer me necessarily teaching them, it’s them taking note of the podcast in remark that has stayed the common by and moreover the green other folks to the front, other folks, you realize, moreover me, whether it’s my co hosts company, irrespective of. But yeah it’s indubitably natural and exchange because a exchange model because you derive to roughly float, and also you’ve bought to search around for at things which will most definitely be changing and what suggestions I started incorporating a limited bit of bit more of WordPress core in it because I had a conversation with somebody and they said you realize I’d developers indubitably spending sufficient time thought all these items going down in core that’s going down at an fabulous slouch, effectively, so I believed okay I contain to initiate bringing in other folks and overlapping that fraction of it so it’s a ways, is a fixed, natural boost, and I’m there to fulfill others and that you realize my hold limited whims. So, I’m willing to exchange and look for at things or shift,

DV: discover it irresistible I discover it irresistible. And that response he said you tried things that worked or didn’t work for the sake of announcing we’re saving somebody else a wide headache Bob, what what are some things that worked or didn’t work but why ought to other folks assume is, they perhaps pursue this to learn out of your lessons,

BD: you realize, one of the things personally I’m staunch going to make this true quick, became one of the largest things became the entirety I did repeatedly became on Bob WP, and I moved this to a unconditionally new space the podcast over, and I had true struggles with that on the starting up because I became having a matter at. I became repeatedly aged to having the present community roughly transition because the entirety staunch morphed and fashioned itself on Bob WP but suddenly I had to gain other folks to transfer over to the new space, and that these numbers you realize I became roughly fell back into the historic metric tunnel and I became true love, oh, you realize, why am I no longer getting as many other folks over here as I desires to be and I believed, and I staunch launched a designate new space, irrespective of what. There’s staunch bought to you derive to initiate at that boost, and the assorted project became, became around, and this some other time is somebody you’ve to imagine, what make you, how make you clarify community one of the arresting things is when I indubitably contain conversations with all individuals. And I became initiate talking community roam so that you’re gonna initiate to Slack channel you started discord, you’re gonna contain a Fb page and I am going, No, no no no, and they pause and they are saying, wait a minute he’s talking community here. I checked out community as loads otherwise I don’t look for at it staunch throwing a bunch of oldsters to diagram, and having them all pronounce because we contain got hundreds of areas to make that to you realize pronounce amongst yourselves or irrespective of. I checked out as connecting this community, nearly one person at a time, you realize, you’re on the podcast, frequently I indubitably contain two company and never met every assorted. It’s a uninteresting, uninteresting route of, and any roughly community get is a uninteresting route of. While you happen to’re going to make it except you’ve plenty of oldsters in diagram and they’re staunch primed for it. At that 2d, you’ve to contain persistence with that

DV: bias and I feel the assorted aspect that stood out to me and advice is that you’re picking other folks love by these moments by the episodes or irrespective of I’m guessing who moreover near with their very hold audiences. So it sounds love, you realize, roughly a indubitably roughly, you realize, flooring stage tactic diagram to roughly slowly get on that viewers Bob I wish I had more time to love fully unpack each project you had here, and the successes but we’re at time but this has been incredibly important for me as I feel nearly all these suggestions. Thank you so unparalleled.

BD: Oh you wager I indubitably loved being on it and repeatedly cheerful to near back back and also you realize hopefully I’ll aloof be doing community subsequent time.

DV: I know you love to pivot and that’s half the stress-free of the obtain. So thanks some other time, Bob, .

BD: Thank you for having me on, David.

DV: Completely. To learn more about what Bob is up to please check with some other time this has been your host, David Vogelpohl, I improve the WordPress community by my role at WP Engine, and I love to bring the ideal of the community to here per week on ticket.

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