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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress community podcast from WMR. Here host David Vogelpohl sits down with guests from spherical the community to chat about the safe complications going by WordPress developers. The next is a transcription of the original recording.

David Vogelpohl: Hello everyone and welcome to Press This the WordPress community podcasts on WMR. Here is your host, David Vogelpohl, I crimson meat up the WordPress community by my feature at WP Engine, and I love to elevate the upper of the community to you hear a week on press this as a reminder, yow will discover me on Twitter @wpdavidv, or that that you can subscribe to press this on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify, or gain primarily the most modern episodes at And this week’s episode we possess a truly fun topic, info superhighway, art work and WordPress and becoming a member of us for that conversation from Digital Dice I’d love to welcome Rachel Winchester to Press This Rachel welcome.

Rachel Winchester: Hello David. Thanks for having me.

DV: So cushty to possess you here. It’s a this form of fun topic this thought of info superhighway art work or Uber when it first extra or less ran into you and modified into listening to about this topic, I modified into love wait a minute, what’s that this info superhighway art work. And I mediate it’s gonna be truly fun to quilt it on the show conceal this day so for those listening what Rachel goes to chat about is her thoughts about what info superhighway art work is I promise you’ll be pleasantly greatly stunned. And the procedure that that you can employ your WordPress skills to construct one thing unbelievable, and what I earn in thoughts is an efficient making an strive original art work for. And so truly taking a see ahead to listening to Rachel’s thoughts on this and I do know here’s an say of ardour for her and is created her honor and art work truly extra or less fascinating to hear one of the WordPress connections here. Rachel, I’m gonna keep a matter to you although the identical first keep a matter to I requested every visitor. Did you rapid characterize me your question foundation myth when modified into the first time you utilize WordPress.

RW: Certain, so the first time I susceptible WordPress modified into accurate out of school, I had an online web page online conception that I desired to pursue and a chum of mine who knew extra about computer systems, jumpy me in the route of WordPress. So, that year after college I built my first WordPress web page online. And in actual fact it modified into, it modified into art work related.

DV: Oh, I’m gonna keep a matter to you like what extra or less web page online modified into it.

RW: Yeah, cuz which capacity that of I studied art work history in college so when I seen this conception I had modified into very related to art work, after which after college and I had overtime, I sure to at last construct the placement. But it wasn’t until per chance a year later that I got active in the WordPress community. I desired to learn extra about the platform that I modified into using for that web page online, and a few diversified web web page online tips that I had in thoughts, factual as a ardour. So I started going to meetups to learn extra about the platform and meet extra folk in the community.

DV: I truly adore it I truly adore it I truly adore it I truly adore it, we’ve in actual fact heard identical tales of that many times over here on press this, it’s unbelievable to hear that connection so that you can boot. What year modified into this reach I’m factual fascinating, love when did you first started, take into account love roughly.

RW: So I started the placement in 2017 That’s my year I graduated and I started going to meetups in 2018

DV: Okay okay so you like him accurate into the community love accurate in the thick of love Gutenberg rolling out and all of that. Dwell you take into account that on the time or possess been you proceed to factual so earlier discovering out,

RW: I make take into account that I make take into account heaps of oldsters will consult with you about that I modified into this form of beginner on the time that I’d extra or less factual let let the controversy over me. But it modified into a term that kept creating that I couldn’t ignore. I truly adore it I truly adore it. Well truly make most of my sites with Elementor, so I haven’t had to employ Gutenberg Gutenberg, the block editor too mighty.

DV: Okay, okay. Oh, I’m cushty you’re discovering success with Elementor I mediate they possess got a truly improbable product. That’s moral to hear. So, characterize me you’re working at a firm known as Digital cube. Present me a little bit about what the firm does and what you’re making there.

RW: Yeah, so I factual started working for digital cube, and incredibly wrathful to be working for them digital cube makes WordPress products, their most original ones are Animoto and shifter so Animoto is enterprise info superhighway info superhighway hosting and shifter provides static and headless WordPress info superhighway info superhighway hosting, after which there’s a jam stack. I imply, lab works which is a incubation company that is a part of digital cube to boot so there’s rather loads occurring with WordPress, in the digital cube firm at Digital cube I am the user expertise product designer. So I’m all around the say, serving to design their products, and make extra user expertise be taught,

DV: adore it’s very well positioned here for this topic on info superhighway art work most regularly and naturally the crossover to WordPress. Sounds equivalent to you’re accurate, it extra or less been the nexus level of the Venn map here for all of those matters, that’s very appropriate they possess been interviewing you and all this regional. So let’s let’s delivery with the obvious keep a matter to love, What is, what’s info superhighway are in I don’t know love must that that you can part some examples or even love URLs that that you can love disclose on the show conceal folk could perhaps love model in listening and love be aware alongside, however love, attend me realize

RW: I’d love to repeat it to you and must you’ve got got any be aware up questions for the interval of my explanation factual, you perceive, that that you can interject. So many info superhighway art work is art work that makes employ of the suggestions superhighway, as its medium, or as art work that makes employ of the suggestions superhighway as its foremost mode of consumption of exhibiting itself so it’s art work that makes employ of that you’re thinking that in the browser, and it makes employ of the suggestions superhighway, the community connections, as the literal medium. So it’s a form of digital art work, for the reason that Web makes employ of digital know-how to work. And it’s also a form of conceptual art work, which capacity that of it’s extra about the foundation or the conception that in the abet of the work, rather then the right love appearance itself. So, artworks don’t most regularly see see love an impressionist painting. It’s extra about the foundation of a hand in the abet of it, the procedure it modified into made, why it modified into made, what it makes you mediate.

DV: So that you have got got love some examples here, you perceive, newer extra or less describing visible issues on a podcast which I mediate is truly fun exercise and attend me realize love what would a part of info superhighway art work see love or feature love or behave.

RW: So one in every of one be aware that I are making an strive to search out in the product podcast is well-known as Gramma Chon, it’s magnificent original work, particularly in the suggestions superhighway art work world, and it modified into made by an artist named Sign The United States abet in 1997. So Gravitron, it has its web web page online at Dunn web web page online And it’s composed are living. And factual to permit you to perceive how essential this work is, It modified into exhibited on the Whitney Biennial. Can you read Machane is Gra, mm ATRON. Thank you. So this work is. It’s a part of literature, however it completely’s also an online web page online, so it, it performs spherical with storytelling, and literature codecs rather. So the procedure the myth is informed is that the viewer, the user clicks on hyperlinks internal the text to navigate by all of the contents. So every particular person has very diversified expertise of this work in holding with the hyperlinks that they click on. And Sign The United States created this work to extra or less play spherical with how tales can learn, using the suggestions superhighway as, as its medium as the structure. The procure depends off of hypertext hyperlinks, you perceive, every button every hyperlink is will elevate you to 1 more page with original info. So he employ that conception of hypertext, to construct a total immersive art work. So In the event you trip to this web web page online, there’s you perceive a little opening page and also that that you can factual click on on the little reward to catch by to the art work. And then there’s some extra hyperlinks that characterize you you perceive about Gravitron and a few diversified issues that accompany the art work, however then you definately click on on to delivery to delivery the right myth. And there’s a elevated bandwidth decrease bandwidth myth, and even some audio files to click on on. As you warfare by the myth.

DV: I discovered it very love RPG love nearly in a strategy, love I modified into extra or less love choosing the next adventure and it modified into love in that lens however it completely gave the influence very love, love, love the incompatibility between, love, one thing love Graham and Tron and love factual showing a JPEG of art work on an online page is that this interactivity facet this this thought of love an expertise per chance that is unfamiliar to the observer particular person ingesting the art work. It feels adore it’s love the incompatibility between love a JPEG and Gravitron is that this thought of interactivity with the art work would you, Would you disclose that’s pleasing with info superhighway art work or is there, very static sorts of info superhighway.

RW: Yeah, that’s a truly original commentary that folk possess made with info superhighway art work, which capacity that of loads of the suggestions superhighway is interactive. You realize must you trip to an online web page online, it’s no longer factual a static image in front of you that that you can like to click on by issues and scroll and work on the side of the webpage so which capacity that of this truth, heaps of ardour, heaps of info superhighway Partworks are interactive, they’re environments that the user has to search out, in negate to spend the fats art work.

DV: So it’s comic which capacity that of we’re extra or less coming into into love the thought of love industrial versus a artistic art work, I imply I do know the accurate ways to phrase this however I mediate that dynamic is attention-grabbing to boot. We’re going to shield a short ruin and we’ll be accurate abet.

DV: Welcome abet to Press This community podcast on WMR, here’s your host David Volgelpohl in the heart of a truly attention-grabbing interview with Rachel Winchester, talking about Web art work Rachel Just sooner than the ruin, you possess been talking a little bit about how many folk gaze the interactivity, this extra or less guided, excuse me, a guided however this interactive experiences will be one in every of the issues that differentiates info superhighway art work from disclose love static art work, however then you definately also talked about love, well hey see designs for websites are also this. It feels love info superhighway art work in actual fact which capacity that of it’s in an art work invent versus a industrial sense, it per chance permits you to love stretch in ways in which that you can mediate in ways you wouldn’t most regularly make as a part of your industrial UX job or web page design job is that accurate is that a attend that you discovered Certain.

RW: That’s precisely accurate and that’s truly a truly moral strategy to take into fable take into fable the foundation of info superhighway art work so in the WordPress world. We’re in actual fact conversant in the term info superhighway products. So info superhighway art work is love info superhighway products, however no longer for the no longer for the reason of substitute or for the level of constructing a profit, sure artists make you perceive they make possess their hang careers and they make must develop money. But as a long way as an Web art work is incredibly diversified from an info superhighway product, an art work is made to for interpretations made for folk to be aware and for purposes of activism, rather then an info superhighway product, which is made for a substitute to eradicate with their clients or expand their earnings by some capacity. So it’s in actual fact that’s a gigantic strategy to take into fable, About your total self-discipline,

DV: make you gaze the creativity you catch by taking part in info superhighway art work has creativity benefits in the industrial work that you’re making. Because stretching your artistic muscle creating art work, love have an effect on your artistic facet and the bogus sense. And it’s time to design a product or an expertise.

RW: I mediate it does, it makes me mediate out of the box. I don’t factual mediate, merely a entertaining keep a matter to

DV: when I modified into heavy in my company days it modified into love okay here’s one more product checklist. Here is one more my team page and love we desired to make it magnificent and unfamiliar and every little thing however adore it modified into these repeating patterns and I factual discovered it truly entertaining to be artistic, after doing it, you perceive, doing so mighty of the identical sample so I don’t know love I could perhaps imagine love stretching myself to love throw all that aside and focal level on art work and interested by the artistic results that could possess on me, I’m factual fascinating must that that you can want had the identical expertise.

RW: I’ve been, I cherished art work my total life, and I even studied art work history in college. So I’ve gotten into the habit of now going to art work museums and galleries and I’ve continuously cherished up to the moment art work. I mediate I first heard about info superhighway art work in my up to the moment art work class in college, doubtlessly talked about alongside you perceive digital art work and diversified tech enhancements coming to the art work world. I then factual determined to make my hang be taught. But on the identical time, love, you perceive, popping out of school with a level in art work history, however then falling in admire with WordPress and making an strive to extra or less possess a profession with the Web. I modified into continuously interested by each matters on the identical time the Web are. So, sooner or later, here’s, here’s gonna transform a ardour project of mine, and it’s factual, it has it’s been extra and extra extra attention-grabbing topic for me to, to trip into in my free time, however particularly after discovering out beginning to learn with WordPress, press CMS and getting extra into code and love discovering out HTML and CSS beginning with JavaScript, getting extra into how the suggestions superhighway works how WordPress works as a know-how. I’ve been concurrently, bringing that identical info into thought info superhighway artworks. So it’s love, as my profession goes with WordPress and as I realize, how to be a nearer UX designer and work extra with digital cue and WordPress. In negate I realize the suggestions superhighway extra I realize, info superhighway, art work, extra which capacity that of I extra or less already possess that foundation and in art work history from going into college and factual extra or less continuously having art work in my life.

DV: That’s one in every of primarily the most magnificent parts of WordPress, you perceive, which capacity that of of how accessible it is to learn to construct and customize and progress your skills. Folks come to it from all these diversified sorts of tutorial backgrounds love expertise backgrounds and elevate that into what they construct it will get it’s a part of the improbable energy of WordPress in notify that’s truly frigid to hear the procedure you’ve extra or less incorporated that love to catch a little bit extra specific although love on the WordPress skills love how make you mediate the abilities desired to construct a WordPress web page online love translate into Web art work love are folk love creating info superhighway art work with WordPress or is it extra love I do know WordPress and so which capacity that of this truth I could perhaps make info superhighway are each, or how make you mediate,

RW: well, if I mediate of WordPress as being one in every of the heaps of tools that info superhighway artists could perhaps employ to govern the suggestions superhighway. So, love, a painter, you perceive, makes employ of a paintbrush to paint a canvas, an info superhighway artist could perhaps employ WordPress to govern the browser so in this negate WordPress is the paintbrush, and the browser is the canvas. So to any extent extra or less web page online, to any extent extra or less digital product that that that you can perhaps be also most regularly make with WordPress, that that you can employ that identical skill to make an art work. So love as an illustration going abet to Sign Americas possess been Gravitron, the procedure he did that is he factual made a bunch of pages or posts, however he has a page and each page has a bunch of hyperlinks on it. And those hyperlinks factual trip to diversified pages. In notify that’s one thing that structure that structure is one thing very simple to make in WordPress with posts and pages. It’s factual about the thought that goes into the storytelling, and, and making all those connections that turns into art work. I’ve also considered some artworks with spend that play spherical with E commerce and the structure of E commerce. I mediate I truly possess a chum who created a dating app, art work, where it, you truly add a particular person to a cart and lift them as a strategy of swiping accurate on Tinder, you perceive, choosing them as your date, in notify that’s one thing that can also be made with WordPress and WooCommerce they’re no longer even WooCommerce per chance some diversified extra or less plugin or tool to construct the E commerce UI. But then the foundation of, you perceive, replacing products with folk, is where the art work comes from.

DV: It’s truly attention-grabbing which capacity that of I can each of those examples you taking extra or less total web experiences and transforming them into a artistic expression. So it’s no longer factual, I disclose the grama Tron version is per chance extra or less love that however it completely appears love the E commerce instance modified into per chance parodies no longer the inaccurate be aware however love commentary leveraging total web experiences, you survey it that procedure or how make you,

RW: I make I make, and what you’re truly touching on is the next topic which is post info superhighway art work. So info superhighway art work is art work that’s made using the suggestions superhighway as a medium, whereas post info superhighway art work is art work that feedback on the existence of the suggestions superhighway. Well, well no longer all info superhighway artworks will also be contained internal a browser, and a few tips for Web artworks are very, very meta metaphysical and they comment for your total world. So, so, art work historians are beginning to call, particularly works after 2010 or post info superhighway art work for the reason that info superhighway is so pervasive in our society, that it’s entertaining to earn away from using the suggestions superhighway in a piece.

DV: We now possess gotten very meta. Evidently, coming fats circle on reason info superhighway art work. I are making an strive to extra or less dive a little deeper into this, we’re going to shield one extra ruin the accurate

DV: Welcome abet to Press This WordPress community podcast I’m W Amar or in the heart of our episode talking about Web art work with Rachel Winchester Rachel Just sooner than the ruin we possess been talking a little bit about extra or less getting very meta extra or less going from info superhighway art work medium of using the suggestions superhighway for art work and post info superhighway art work, extra or less commentary on the suggestions superhighway in artistic expression, so thank you for that distinction. You realize I do know artists in diversified capacities and, love, they all spend so I’m wondering is there a monetary facet to creating info superhighway art work I imply I do know we’ve considered issues love NF T’s and I don’t know must you earn in thoughts that info superhighway or, love, per chance we factual ignore the NF T or minute however factual most regularly love are you able to disclose to folk promote info superhighway art work is that this, is that this love a artistic expression, folk are in a position to develop a living from or is it composed love wait and survey.

RW: So sure that that you can put it on the market info superhighway art work. In conception, factual factual the procedure how the identical procedure how folk can promote an online web page online to a shopper, and, you perceive, trip that info from your server to their server. That it is possible you’ll perhaps also, in conception, self info superhighway art work. On the other hand, that isn’t the most well-known procedure that info superhighway artists themselves. I mediate the most well-known procedure is truly art work residencies. So residency is when an arts organization most regularly love a museum or gallery will pay for this artist to come abet and make a little be taught, make some dispositions. But principally, make an art work at their establishment with their establishment’s name on it, love, you perceive love this mark The United States work in partnership with the MoMA, or one thing love that. In notify that’s, I mediate the most well-known procedure that info superhighway artists, develop money. Piece of it is which capacity that of it is extra or less entertaining to monetize monetize the particular particular person artworks, however also for the reason that artists are very drawn to getting extra interesting with the folk which is also viewing their work and extra interesting with the community. Web and Web art work and info superhighway artists are very inclusive. In the event you mediate of how the suggestions superhighway is everywhere and anybody with the connection can shield part. The artists admire that truth about their medium. So, so loads of the suggestions superhighway artists are very community oriented. They admire working with institutions and universities to to attend. Befriend folk realize what they’re doing. They’re working to attend them too

DV: makes the total sense in the sector I imply that connected nature of it, I hadn’t thought of that standpoint and could perhaps be very incredibly special when put next to less connected art work forms very attention-grabbing. So talking of love, love connectedness, however also love the medium equivalent to you’re explaining love they possess been partnering with, you perceive, per chance museums or art work homes and issues love that where there’s love this interactive expertise with it so it will get me pondering of love mediums and connected gadgets. I’ve considered examples equivalent to you explained, truly, issues love VR and AR I’m factual fascinating, love, make you mediate issues love augmented actuality or factual the diversified sorts of connected gadgets, how make you mediate that can alternate in art work in the kill.

RW: I mediate it’ll, it’ll expand the self-discipline, it’ll factual give extra probabilities for artists to work with. Like as an illustration if an artist makes an art work that is safe considered on a projector. The extra that projectors, extra that that tool turns into original among everyday users and extra folk can can disclose that art work, the procedure it’s meant to be considered. But also it, it provides extra, it provides the artists one more canvas to work with, love I modified into talking sooner than about how, love the browser and the window and, and the procedure these are, these artworks are issues you’re thinking that on a conceal, however that conceal doesn’t could composed be a computer conceal or phone conceal, it is always a TV or, or a pill or the total diversified gadgets which is also connected to the suggestions superhighway, digital actuality environments and augmented actuality, it factual, it factual provides them a wider canvas to paint on.

DV: Wow, that modified into fantastic Rachel is orderly attention-grabbing and I mediate, an even making an strive thought to total on. Thank you so mighty for becoming a member of us this day.

RW: Thank you for having me. I modified into wrathful to chat about this topic,

DV: yeah it modified into a truly attention-grabbing I’m gonna must trip play spherical with grammar trial, a little bit, and making my hang info superhighway art work project I truly had some tips listening to you focus on it. Big orderly frigid thank you so mighty, you’d love to study out extra about what Rachel is up to delight talk over with visible webmaster comm. Thanks everyone for paying consideration to Press This WordPress community podcast on WMR. Again, this has been your host, David Vogelpohl, I crimson meat up the WordPress community by my feature at WP Engine, and I love to elevate the upper of the community to you here a week on Press This.

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