Press This: David Vogelpohl Says Farewell As Host and Begins New Adventures

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Welcome to Press This, the WordPress personnel podcast from WMR. Every episode elements guests from around the personnel and discussions of an important issues going by WordPress developers. The next is a transcription of the distinctive recording.

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David Vogelpohl: Hi there everybody and welcome to Press This, the WordPress personnel podcast on WMR. That is your host, David Vogelpohl. I supported the WordPress personnel by my role at WP Engine, and I loved to enlighten the handiest of the personnel to you here a week on Press This. As a reminder, you might want to apply me on Twitter @wpdavidv, you might want to subscribe to Press This on Crimson Circle, iTunes, Spotify, or download primarily the most modern episodes at 

On this episode, we’re gonna be speaking about me, David Vogelpohl, announcing farewell as host of Press This, welcoming a unusual host, and the open of a unusual journey for me. 

For over 260 episodes I’ve interviewed limitless guests from around the WordPress personnel in regards to primarily the most modern developments in WordPress, attention-grabbing projects, folks within the personnel had been working on and a limitless checklist of optimizations, hacks, and ways to manufacture WordPress sites better. 

It’s been an absolute honor to be within the host seat all these years. I desire to thank our guests who taught me so powerful. I desire to thank our target market, who was correct as queer as I was after I asked all these questions.

On this episode, we’re going to present the tables and interview me—about my thoughts around stepping down as host, unusual adventures in my occupation, my favourite memories web web hosting Press This, and what I’m enraged by for the boulevard ahead. 

And now for the leisure of the interview with me, I’d devour to thank and welcome a outdated customer of Press This, a bellwether within the WordPress personnel, and your impress unusual host for Press This, the one, one of the best Doc Popular. Doc, welcome, and congratulations on your unusual host role.

Doc Pop: Effectively, thank you so powerful, David. You know, I’ve consistently liked being on this video display, as fragment of the Observe Across the Campfire segments that you did as soon as a month, and it’s a right honor to help retain the video display going and retain alive the custom that you’ve had going for see you later. Thank you so powerful. 

DV: Yeah, after all. It was so stress-free to recognize you ever on these Observe Across the Campfire episodes, and I do know you’re so neatly-connected within the WordPress space, and recognize a lengthy background in broadcasting and podcasting and video casting. 

So I’m definitely enraged to recognize you ever within the host seat, and I’m definitely enraged to answer to your interview questions on the unusual time, Doc. I’m definitely queer how here’s gonna toddle, however I’ll step succor from the host mic for a minute and attain devour the Wayne’s world, discover into the unusual modality. Actually having a gaze forward to the interview Doc. 

DP:Effectively, , David, every episode you’ve asked folks how they bought into WordPress, and I don’t know whilst you happen to’ve shared your foundation memoir, so why don’t you present us about how to accumulate into WordPress? 

DV: I would perchance even recognize mentioned it on an episode or two, however I don’t know if I’ve definitely recommended it in a petite of more component. But, I was going in customer posting, I had been in digital advertising for some time, and I essential to open making more of a title for myself. So, I searched for publications that I would perchance well customer submit for, and I found one. It was a high 10 digital advertising put on the time, it was known as Marketing Pilgrim. It did no longer survive the 20-plus years since I did that. It was equipped, I mediate, and rolled into any other put.

And I did a customer submit, and I was exposed to WordPress for the first time. I had had expertise with Drupal and Joomla, however it was definitely writing a snarl material fraction for Marketing Pilgrim. The one who owned that put’s title is Andy Beal, and Andy’s a pricey buddy, and that was a open of a right journey definitely, in every WordPress and in digital advertising.

DP: Wow. So you began off with customer posting, which is part I’m definitely definitely serious about discovering out more about. We’ll recognize to talk about that off the video display, perchance, however when did you come to WP Engine and what recognize you ever been doing throughout your time here?

DV: Effectively, WP Engine. In 2010, I started a digital agency. WordPress was a focal point, however no longer one of the best focal point, and this was swish around the time that custom submit styles and custom fields had been added into WordPress core. 

I met a partner of WP Engine’s founder. So WP Engine’s founder is a person named Jason Cohen and he had a partner on the time, they’re aloof guests, perchance companions on diversified things. I don’t know. His title is Josh Baer, and he’s associated with a firm in Austin known as Capital Factory. 

I met Josh at a meetup. And I didn’t talk over with any individual on the meetup, Doc. I was, I don’t know, it correct wasn’t in me that night time, and sooner than I left, I was devour, I need to talk over with one person. I circled, and it was Josh Baer, and I talked to Josh, we bought to roughly conversing about our backgrounds, and he’s devour, “ who you might want to even recognize got to satisfy, is Jason Cohen.” And he equipped me to Jason and WP Engine turned a shopper of my agency, and we serviced WP Engine as their outsource, web and digital advertising arm, whilst you happen to will, for diverse years, 

Within the break in 2015, I definitely joined WP Engine’s management crew straight. So about 12 years since I’ve joined, however that’s the backstory about joining.

DP: I even recognize to roar, assembly Jason Cohen early on in your occupation, that appears to be like no longer correct fortuitous to your occupation, however he’s such an fascinating person to talk over with, and succor then his perception into WordPress and the roughly future of WordPress need to had been mesmerizing. I’m correct roughly queer what had been the vibes Jason was giving succor then? Did he comprehend it is far also, , nearly 50% of the Web by 2020?

DV: It was pretty accepted on the time. I mediate for me, custom submit styles and fields are definitely what turned WordPress true into a CMS. So I would articulate at that time, that in truth wasn’t what it was. I’ve been in my digital occupation, about Two decades, this was in regards to the midpoint in my occupation, after I met Jason. 

The necessary assembly was on the WP Engine situation of labor, which was shared with a bunch of diversified very early stage startups—I mediate there would perchance perchance had been three staff at WP Engine on the time. It was on the eighth ground of the Omni Resort industrial locations of work in Austin, Texas, and I rolled up there.

And I discover out, and to boot they’ve all the eighth ground, and it’s fragment of Capital Opinion, and again, that’s why there’s these diversified startups in there, however it was mostly empty. And there was correct devour one fragment of all the bottom where everybody was working around all this frail furnishings, and your total lights had been off. And I undergo in mind thinking, are the lights off because they’re all engineers or because they are able to’t recognize adequate money to pay the sunshine bill? And, it definitely was the latter. I’m sorry. The damaged-down, no longer the latter. 

DP: Whoa! [laughter]

DV: Effectively yeah, it was the damaged-down. They correct, they loved it unlit, however , I don’t mediate they definitely knew what it is far also on the moment. I mean, it was accepted, Jason had carried out a petite of evaluation and, and some posts on LinkedIn roughly proposing the foundation of WP Engine, and diverse parents had been getting within the succor of it. 

So I mediate they knew there was something there, however it positively wasn’t forty three% of the on-line. I wanna articulate it was doubtlessly nearer to 12, about a year or two later, it was around sixteen% of the on-line, if I choose. No longer no longer as a lot as that’s what Matt Mullenweg recommended me at WordCamp Atlanta on the time. Folks weren’t even definitely tracking the total fraction of the on-line widely. So, no, I don’t mediate they foresaw what would happen with WordPress or WP Engine, even after I first bought concerned.

DP: Effectively yeah, I do know you’ve considered some stuff. At WP Engine, you’re going to’ve considered the increase in staff, you’re going to’ve considered the growth of WordCamps across the enviornment and , the growth of WordPress in market fraction. So you’ve carried out some thrilling things within the previous at WP Engine, what are primarily the hottest projects that you’ve been working on? 

DV: Effectively, I’ve had a vary of roles over time, , the total lot from working with our labs crew, main StudioPress after the acquisition of Studio,Press. And the role I even recognize on the unusual time, or, or would perchance aloof I articulate sooner than I left WP Engine, was VP of Growth, and what my teams targeted on had been strategic programs that allowed WP Engine to grow in unusual and field topic ways.

This spanned our world presence, our impress customers, our agency customers and companions. It was providing enhance for things devour Flywheel Growth Suite, for folks that are irregular, it’s a platform for companies that lets in them to pressure MRR of their industrial and with out complications put collectively their client’s sites. Our eCommerce offering, which is, in my idea, in all these years, one among primarily the most innovative kinds of eCommerce web web hosting accessible, if no longer the close, and then a vary of diversified strategic programs from our agency partner program, to our work in Atlas, and so it’s been an extremely enriching journey. I’ve been very blessed, whilst you happen to will, to recognize such an improbable crew. But that was my role at WP engine, was VP of Growth

DP: Thrilling stuff, you’ve considered some exceptional stuff within the WordPress personnel true by the final 12 years. We’re going to accumulate a break, and after we come succor, we’ll talk over with David Vogelpohl about what his future goes to be devour within the personnel and after Press This. So conclude tuned.

DP: Welcome succor to Press This the WordPress personnel podcast on WMR Radio. My title is Doc and I am speaking to David Vogelpohl, the damaged-down host of Press This about his time within the WordPress personnel and dealing with Press This, and dealing with WP Engine. David, we’ve spent diverse time speaking about a couple of of your favourite memories so far, what’s the future for you? What are you going to be doing after Press This? 

DV: Effectively, I’m positively happy to roar that I received’t be leaving the WordPress personnel. There’s definitely some important connections to the WordPress world in my unusual role, however the role that I’ll be going in is Chief Marketing Officer of a firm known as FastSpring.

FastSpring is a fee platform for instrument companies, they’ve a couple of WordPress product customers that are of their universe, and to boot they operate off of what’s known as the Provider provider of File model, which fundamentally procedure you might want to exercise the instrument fee platform to promote your instrument, your SaaS, and no longer recognize to mess with any of the gross sales or succor tax stuff, you fundamentally discover a wire switch as soon as a month to your proceeds. But that’s successfully what FastSpring is, and I’ll be the Chief Marketing Officer of that firm. 

DP: Wow, a C-suite, that’s sweet, that’s a sweet gig. So, you mentioned that you’re no longer leaving the WordPress personnel. What’s FastSpring’s connection to WordPress? 

DV: Effectively, as I mentioned, it’s a fee platform for instrument companies and definitely has WordPress product companies that are customers of theirs. In case you gaze on their homepage, you’ll gaze, Harmful Math as a customer. There are others no longer on their homepage, and it was definitely attention-grabbing, , as I was enraged by this switch, and naturally within the WP Engine universe, my total world is WordPress, and so within the unusual role, it’ll be broader than correct WordPress. 

But I was at WordCamp US in San Diego, and naturally, I was letting guests know and folks I knew from around the style, and it was correct so encouraging and relieving, frankly, to listen to devour, “oh yeah, I’ve heard of them,” or, “we exercise them to promote in Italy,” and , “we frail them within the previous.” 

So, that familiarity there, I mediate the WordPress product space is a important customer wicked for FastSpring and I mediate that’ll give me a few opportunities to proceed my involvement in enhance of the personnel. I don’t know whilst you happen to can definitely, definitely stroll away from WordPress, I guess some folks attain, however it has been such an enriching personnel to be fragment of. I mediate, as I was exploring, , the next step in my occupation to discover into that C-suite whilst you happen to will, it was important for me to retain these connections and retain that worth. I discover I discover from contributing to the personnel. 

DP: I’m correct roughly questioning, attain you specialize in you’ll be doing a podcast sequence over at FastSpring? 

DV: I even recognize belief to be it. I mediate they attain recognize a podcast if I’m no longer unsuitable. What I will articulate is that I’ve had many rewarding experiences at WP Engine and I mediate Press That is procedure, procedure, procedure high on that checklist. And, , I mediate when folks podcast, they typically mediate of, oh, the target market I’ll impress and the things I’ll grow because I’m doing it. And I mediate these elements are astronomical, however the fragment that was most treasured for me was studying something unusual each week from diversified folks. It was correct such an improbable fragment of the expertise.

And whilst you happen to work in an agency for see you later, and then you roughly discover out of it and toddle into, , inner a impress, you might want to discover separated from that world. But I felt devour I never did because I had this change to attain the podcast.

So yeah, I mediate I doubtlessly will attain something devour this in the end there, however I don’t recognize any concrete plans swish now.

DP: What is going to you omit primarily the most about working with WP Engine? 

DV: That is a extraordinarily tough place a query to to answer to, , there’s so powerful in regards to the firm that I found treasured.

I mediate the increase and open source puzzles I bought to remedy had been extremely enlightening. I felt devour I learned a lot about know-how, about industrial, and doubtlessly above all management. I mediate in these moments what most folks articulate and it’s because it’s staunch, I guess in most folks’s roles, perchance, perchance no longer, is the oldsters, the caliber of parents, the depth in which they care, their smarts and above all, their coronary heart, is fundamentally, definitely something special.

And. I mediate for folks open air of the firm that will come by to a level, clearly being inner, you might want to definitely feel it. But I mediate there are folks open air the firm who definitely feel it in terms of WP Engine’s, customers and companions, and, I do know Doc, , this, however WP Engine after all has a spot of Core Values and it’s things devour Manufacture the Just correct Thing and Constructed for Growth and Dedicated to Give Serve.

And WP Engine definitely lives that, the oldsters here definitely dwell that, and would perchance manufacture selections in conserving with these Core Values. The combo of smarts and hearts and commitment to values is laborious to search out, and I mediate that component is what makes the oldsters of WP Engine special, alongside with you Doc.

DP: Even me, I even recognize to agree. The Core Values are something I’ve consistently been impressed with, working with the firm, correct how powerful they follow it. And the management from Heather positively displays that internally. And I  can’t articulate it externally, if folks reasonably gaze how attached we’re to these values, , that we talk about, on a weekly foundation, throughout our meetings.

And then after all Jason’s management is correct consistently very involving to his imaginative and prescient, has consistently been astronomical. So yeah, I wonder if externally, folks definitely roughly discover the same vibe we attain, because it’s magical to gaze here. I haven’t labored at a firm devour this sooner than.

DV: I was correct gonna articulate, and I’m having a gaze forward to, , roughly taking these classes into my subsequent component, and it is, it was the kind of uncommon time for me with all these folks. But yeah, it’s a right fragment of what I’ll omit.

DP: I I’m questioning furthermore, whilst you happen to factor in you’ll be doing as powerful traveling and going to WordCamps and stuff with your unusual role.

DV: Yeah. I mediate what I’ll most likely close up doing is doing either every WordCamp US and WordCamp Europe every year, and even one or the diversified.

I don’t mediate I’ll be ready to attain as many satellite WordCamps as I even recognize within the previous, and satellite’s perchance the homely observe to make exercise of, however, , metropolis-particular WordCamps. I correct had such an improbable time at WordCamp US, however there are industrial reasons for us to be targeted there. because again, there’s diverse SMB instrument companies within the WordPress space, give it some belief or no longer with forty three% of the on-line.

So there’s that industrial ardour as neatly, however diverse my guests, a correct majority of my private guests now, no longer correct folks I do know at work, are within the WordPress space, and I’ve carried out this in every personnel I’ve ever joined, I’ve long previous all in and I aloof recognize lifelong guests from communities I’m no longer definitely an brisk fragment of anymore. And that’s k, however to even recognize field topic industrial reasons to be there, it was impossible. Did you might want to even recognize got a correct time at WordCamp US, Doc?

DP: I had a astronomical time at WordCamp US, as , it was capped at 650 attendees, which is doubtlessly a third of what it was sooner than the pandemic.

And that was doubtlessly out of warning of searching to ease succor into doing in-person meetups, however it definitely gave it a extraordinarily intimate feel. I treasure that. You felt devour you might want to well definitely spend up with folks. If there’s any individual you had been purchasing for, you might want to well discover them.

It definitely jogged my memory of WordCamp San Francisco, an extended time succor, where it did feel devour these had been the oldsters you essential to satisfy. And there was very top about 600 or 700 of them there. And you might want to well lollygag around with them and you weren’t roughly struggling with to search out any individual or struggling with to discover any individual’s time. It definitely jogged my memory of the early days, for me, of going to WordCamps. 

DV: Oh, that’s frigid. I soaked up every minute of it. In case you apply me on Twitter at WP David V from around the WordCamp US 2022 timeframe, you’ll gaze a describe I tweeted from Daniel. It was correct devour this huge smile on my face and I was correct absorbing every minute of it. It was the kind of uncommon expertise. 

DP: Effectively, we’re going to accumulate any other break. We are chatting with David Vogelpohl, the damaged-down host of Press This, and after we come succor from this break, we’re gonna talk about his favourite experiences here at Press This, so conclude tuned. 

DP: You’re taking note of Press This, the WordPress personnel podcast on WMR. I’m Dr. Popular, the unusual host of Press This, speaking to David Vogelpohl, the one which began the Press This podcast, and who’s moving on to a unusual occupation at a FastSpring as the CMO. David, what are a couple of of your favourite experiences of web web hosting the Press This podcast? 

DV: Effectively, I mediate the first component that stood out to me is Doc, I definitely did no longer impress Press This. Press This was on the foundation created by Joost de Valk of the Yoast online page positioning plugin, and I would articulate one among my favourite experiences or memories web web hosting Press This was these early days. For these aware of WMR, Brasco had talked to me about it and I knew Joost hosted the video display. I definitely had listened to it within the previous. And I do know Joost from around the style, he’s definitely been succor on the video display with me as host regularly, and I talked to him about it and bought his point of undercover agent. He was very supportive. I mean, it’s a WMR video display, however that was astronomical, and he was definitely one among the early guests. 

I had never podcasted sooner than, I had carried out public speaking and things devour that. So I mediate it was stress-free to roughly discover figure it out. And I even recognize a reasonably busy job, so I had to, , figure out ways to work it in and discover it carried out a week, and that was an journey. But I mediate one component that in truth, definitely stands out as a favourite expertise is hearing all these foundation tales and hearing the traits in them. 

There’s a elegant preference of musicians in WordPress, and nearly every foundation memoir, Doc, was devour, “I was late my band’s van between reveals, making the web site for our band, and then I made it better.”

That was a theme that emerged, diverse themes emerged, of parents that had been leaving jobs they didn’t devour, and careers they didn’t devour to reinvent themselves and to open a industrial, there was diverse that. Plenty of lost souls who found WordPress alongside the style. 

I mediate diversified themes that emerged that in truth stood out had been how WordPress performed a role in folks coming from a low know-how background, your total procedure as a lot as being a instrument engineer, and how folks discover concerned correct to manufacture a site for his or her soccer crew or something. And then, , low and take a look at, five years later, they’re writing custom plugins and doing splendidly attention-grabbing things.

And so, I would perchance well doubtlessly seize a couple of guests. Mary Jo was a astronomical customer. I definitely, definitely treasure the interview with Meryl Evans around captions and accessibility. I definitely treasure the interview, no longer too lengthy within the past, with Jason Cohen and Brad from Palatable Brains around the acquisition of Palatable Brains.

That was a extraordinarily stress-free one. There’s correct been so diverse them over time. I discover devour I’ve met everybody in WordPress on memoir of this podcast. If any individual listening is brooding about making a podcast, if no person ever listens to it, and all you attain is talk over with any individual unusual in your space as soon as a week. It’s neatly definitely worth the bother.

I don’t perceive how it’s 260 episodes in, I doubtlessly recognize too many to fraction within the distance of time we now recognize got Doc, however these had been a couple of of the ones that in truth stood out. 

DP: Effectively, I’m taking notes here on these correct guests so I will query them to come succor succor. I’m having a gaze forward to having a couple of of which recognize too, of studying from the guests and, , spotlighting unusual folks and proper getting roughly these intimate questions.

I’m roughly an awkward person in accurate existence, so the chance to be ready to talk over with folks in a layout devour this, in truth, is thrilling for me. I’m gigantic enraged. What would you articulate as your roughly final words for the Press This target market? What would you devour to roar to the listeners now? 

DV: Effectively, I guess sooner than I attain more of a goodbye, perchance what I’ll attain is observation a petite of bit on you as host, Doc, and I mediate over these years web web hosting Press This, I mentioned it earlier, I even recognize, , a reasonably busy job. No longer that you don’t, however I’m correct announcing I had to roughly operate the video display in a extraordinarily consistent sample. And I mediate folks, in a big procedure, answer positively to that. But I mediate, , you enlighten so powerful creativity to your work Doc, you’re so connected, and I mediate, there’s clearly others at WP Engine and previous, that will also recognize diversified attention-grabbing questions to query guests and diversified tales to enlighten. And so I’m definitely having a gaze forward to that creativity you enlighten into the total lot you attain, Doc, and what the impact that can recognize on Press This.

As far as a uncommon message for the target market, I guess, as I switch from host to listener. I’ve been at digital for Two decades. I’ve been concerned with doubtlessly three necessary segments of the know-how personnel, WordPress being primarily the hottest, and, , 12 years, hottest.

We work in a extraordinarily, definitely, definitely frigid space. I do know within the moment whilst you happen to’re knee deep in projects and searching to determine the next scenario or puzzle, or something’s getting you down, what we attain is stress-free. It’s frigid. It’s special. And it beats busting rocks, swish? It beats a couple of of the roles lets recognize had within the previous, it provides change to others.

And I mediate expertise it, devour it. It is something special. It is something worth savoring and playing, and I’m very happy that the unusual firm I’m going to, their .com is a WordPress put. So it’s no longer correct the consumer connections, however I’m very happy to recognize that connection there. But correct fundamentally, it’s such an savory and enriching personnel, and no longer correct WordPress, however I mediate digital and know-how fundamentally, and we’re all very, very fortunate to be ready to work on most of these puzzles in most of these ways and accumulate ideal thing about most of these opportunities. So, lean in and expertise this time because it’s very very special. 

DP: David, how can folks retain up a correspondence with you and apply what you’re doing submit Press This? 

DV:  Oh, neatly, retain an undercover agent out for me at future WordCamps, after all, as I mentioned sooner than. Surely gaze for me on LinkedIn and then whilst you happen to amass to recognize to descend me a apply or a tweet on Twitter, you might want to well discover me at, at WP David V.

DP: Excellent. Effectively, David, as soon as again, it’s an honor being fragment of this video display with you. I’ve consistently regarded forward to these chats that we attain. They’ve been one among my favourite things to attain with the firm, is the Press This episodes that I’ve joined you and Anthony Burchell with reasonably regularly, so thanks again for doing what you’ve carried out here and, I desire you success on your unusual job, as CMO at FastSpring. 

And with that, I desire to thank the listeners for tuning into Press This, the WordPress personnel podcast on WMR. Bear in mind, you might want to apply my adventures within the WordPress space over on the Torque. Torque is a e-newsletter about WordPress files and occasions. 

It’s most likely you’ll be ready to furthermore subscribe to Press This on Crimson Circle, iTunes, Spotify, or download primarily the most modern episodes at It’s furthermore accessible on Torque magazine dot I O. That’s diverse links for you, however we’ll present these within the video display notes for you.

I’m Dr. Popular, the unusual host of Press This. I’m enraged to discover to clutch more folks by here and know the listeners. I enhance the WordPress personnel by my role at WP Engine, and I devour to spotlight individuals of the WordPress personnel, devour David, and loads others a week here on Press This.

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